What is Sifter?

It is a chat app unlike any other – it is backed by geofencing! Using state-of-the-art technology, this app helps you create chat rooms to anonymously connect with others within a designated physical area for a multitude of purposes.

What does this mean?

You can target your message or start a conversation without having to share your identity. Then broadcast your message to your surroundings without bothering those who might not be interested.

Shout without saying a word!

Imagine walking into a crowded area full of strangers and wanting to start a conversation about a specific topic. Rather than drawing attention to yourself by shouting to the group, you can simply create a chat room made specifically for that purpose and open it up to whoever is interested.

Give your convo a makeover.

While it really is that straightforward to use, don’t let Sifter's simplicity fool you. In fact, it has many options that you can use customize it to your needs. You are able to protect your identity by customizing your name, choose your icon and the chat room name to best convey your purpose of the chat.

Ideal for Retailers!

When you work in retail, it’s your job to provide the support and information that your customers want but you have to find a way to be present without being overbearing. Many shoppers want someone to approach them and offer a helping hand while others find it disruptive to be approached by several representatives while shopping. By providing customer support through Sifter, you can always be available to customers without bothering anyone.

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