SHOW NOTES - Series 2

EPISODE 36 | Welcome to the Return Episode for Season 2!

Hey guys, Welcome back to The Air Conditioning Podcast and we kinda got busy with Summer and being overloaded (sound familiar?) or just lazy, either way this is the resurrection episode for 2021 and we're stoked you came back!! In this episode (36) Brad and I just shoot the shit about the start of the new year but also talk about under charging and remembering self worth as a trained and skilled, professional tradesperson. Wow that's deep. True though. Only a short episode but hope you enjoy it. Thanks champs and don't forget to get in touch with us to join us on the Show or make any suggestions of who you'd like to hear being interiewed. Just drop us an email here >> Contact Page And don't forget to show us the love by leaving a review. PS Did you know The Air Conditioning Podcast is now on YouTube? If not, check it out coz its a whole different kind of podcast. You can check it out here>> Aircon Podcast Cheers guys.

EPISODE 37 | Peter Darley | simPRO

G’day guys and Welcome to another Episode of The Air Conditioning Podcast. In Episode 37, we were very fortunate to have our first guest on the Show for 2021!

We were joined by Peter Darley, who is the Regional Director (Asia Pacific) for simPRO. In his role, Peter heads IoT for simPRO globally, and is also heading simPRO's expansion into Asia.

With a strong background in sales, marketing and operations in the field service sector, and extensive experience in the IoT space, Peter’s key focus in business management is exceeding customer goals and entering new markets.

Here is just a tad of what we chatted about:

Can you start by sharing what simPRO is and how it came about? (3:50)

What Trades does simPRO cater for? (3:30)

How long has simPRO been operating? (3:50)

Why are clients coming to you from other platforms? (4:30)

How difficult is it to switch from another CRM to your system? (5:00)

Can you share with our audience just some of the features of simPRO? (6:30)

What the heck is IoT? (7:40)

You have an inventory management system as part of simPRO, can you tell us more about that? (11:20)

simPRO is ganing plenty of momentum within the HVAC industry, why do you think that is? (12:30)

For anyone considering simPRO for their business, how do they go about it? (13:40)

Why would our listeners choose simPRO over other platforms? (14:20)

How can IoT help to improve revenue for business owners? (15:30)

How does simPRO help to automate processes in business? (18:20)

And that’s just a sniff…..

If you’d like to reach out to Peter and the team at simPRO you can get in touch at you can connect with Peter on LinkedIn here.

But until the next episode people…catcha!

Peter Darely - Regional Director Asia Pacific

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